Modern Equipments

CO2 Laser Machine

Therapeutic uses of LASER CO2:

  • Moles
  • Papilomas
  • Skin Tags
  • Seborrheic hyperkeratosis
  • Pyogenic granulomas
  • Warts
  • Genital Warts (HPV)

CO2 Laser Machine

Laser CO2 (carbon dioxide laser) is a surgical laser CO2 laser that is invasively used in skin lesions. The results are immediate, bloodless and with excellent healing.
Tri Beam Machine

Therapeutic uses of Tri Beam Machine:

  • Treatment of epidermal and dermal
  • pigmentation.
  • Non-ablative skin rejuvenation and toning.
  • Treatment of Acne and Enlarged Pores.
  • Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lifting, tightening and toning of ageing skin.
  • Treatment of Dark Lips.
  • Minimum patient discomfort and post.
  • procedure downtime.
  • Utilises PTP technology.

Tri Beam Machine

TRIBEAM is scientifically advanced Q Switched ND-YAG laser that boasts exceptional photo rejuvenation results in treatment of large pores, skin peeling, tightening and lifting, removing pigmented lesions, collagen regeneration and lastly tattoo removal.
Diode Machine

Therapeutic uses of Diode Machine:

  • Unwanted Hair Removal.

Diode Machine

Diode lasers use the principle of selective photothermolysis (abbreviated SPTL) to target specific chromophores in the skin, usually melanin or blood. The lasers damage the chromophores by selectively heating them while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.
Hydra Facial Machine

Hydra Facial Machine

The HydraFacial machine utilizes water to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells. The treatment loosens dirt and grime from within the pores. Then, the machine uses its swirling vortex device (a cyclical flushing water motion) to flush out the loosened dirt and grime.

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