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Unwanted hair in different areas of the body is a major concern among people. A woman’s face looks pretty when she has no hair on the cheeks or chin. For men, removing excess hair on the ears, from the nose or even chest hair is a rising concern. Appearance and appeal are of high importance and a smooth, hair-free skin is a major component of this. Be it facial hair or underarm hair, women and men are always looking for ways to get rid of them permanently. Now, you can easily remove all unwanted hair with lasers.

What Is Laser Hair Treatment?

Laser treatments utilize the light energy to destroy the hair follicles and reduce hair growth completely in the treated area. When the laser beam is concentrated on the hair follicle, the pigment in the hair absorbs the light and gets vaporized, thus destroying the stem cells that give rise to hair. This takes place without damaging the structure or the pores of the skin. This process when repeated for multiple times ensures that your hair growth is minimized to the extent that you have hair-free skin.

Many advanced technologies have developed over the years to perform this treatment such as Diode laser, Alex, and Soprano ICE. These machines offer a painless and effective hair removal solution. Multiple wavelengths of laser are incorporated in these machines, to treat all individuals with different hair (thick/coarse, medium, thin) and skin types (white, pale white, brown, dark brown, black).


What Are The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal?

  • Can treat the widest range of hair and skin colors and types.
  • Fastest and most effective hair removal technique.
  • Virtually a painless procedure.
  • Proven safety records as equipment is FDA approved.
  • No downtime.
  • Delivers you with long term results.
  • Procedure is swift and even a large area can be covered in a very short span saving a lot of your time.
  • Precise as the laser targets only the problem area, ensuring the surrounding skin is not damaged.
  • No infection or scars.

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